Excellence Has Benefits

Striving for excellence should be the ambition of every business, no matter its size. Once you have made some solid progress towards achieving excellence across the various parts of your business, it’s time to tell everyone about it.

Showcasing your excellence is a sound strategy for raising the profile of your business, which in turn will lead to improved sales and make your business more sustainable.

Consumers like to feel ‘safe’ about their purchases, especially those which have an impact on their wallet or bank account.  Knowing they are dealing with a business that has some credibility can reduce the risk and stress in the purchase, be it in person or on-line.

Entering Business Awards and coming out as a finalist or winner can have many benefits.  These include: acknowledgment that your business is ahead of the pack and has achieved the status of “excellence”; recognition for your staff, suppliers and customers; an opportunity for even greater connection with your customers or clients; knowing that what you are doing in your business is achieving positive results and the reassurance that the decisions you are making and the path that you have plotted for your business is a solid one.  Another benefit will be that you attract the best employees and retain the ones you have.  Your business will be an employer of choice!

The Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards are a great opportunity to showcase your business. Entries are now open for 13 Award Categories and the three Major Awards.  Businesses can submit an entry online at www.lmbea.com.au.  Entries close on 15 May 2015.

You can also join the business community at the premier business event in Lake Macquarie at the Awards Gala Dinner on Saturday 11th July 2015 at the Belmont 16s.  This is a great opportunity to celebrate your success.

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