Business Marketing Secrets Cracked

“The big secret to marketing is that there isn’t one.”

Belinda Bow of Green Chilli Marketing joined us at this morning’s Lake Macquarie Business Network Breakfast to share some very helpful tips, tricks and business marketing secrets. The biggest take away being that business marketing is not about just one thing, it is about “tapping away”, taking just little steps that will often bring bigger results.

We all know that having a marketing plan is an essential tool for any business. But let’s be honest – if you do not consider yourself to be a marketing expert, social media guru or digital native, you might be tempted to just let that marketing plan sit there and not execute any of your well thought-out strategies. And if you do execute something, chances are you painstakingly edit and revise the post, email, blog just to ensure you are presenting the best possible picture of your business.

Now, as business people, we know that this kind of execution for any activity within a business is not an efficient way to do things. So how can we move away from this fear of executing our marketing strategies? Is it that our business marketing plan is too complex? Do we just need to come back to basics and think about what our customers are actually looking for and wanting to hear?

The answer is a big yes!

Belinda reminded us this morning that no matter what you are selling, your customers are human. While it might be tempting to talk as if we are the business (‘At Best Business, we deliver the number one service in the City’), this way of communicating is not conducive of a lasting connection. To establish a connection with your customers you need to humanise your messages, talk about their needs, their pain-points, their wants and what you can do to help or respond.

When it comes to developing your marketing plan, it can be as simple as pulling together strategies that get your target market or potential customers to take the next step, whatever that may be. Yes, you have to assess your target audience, your mediums, your messages etc, but try and picture your customer in the spaces you are looking to use. Think about how and when they will access the space, how and when they will receive your messages, why will they engage with what you are putting out there, and if there is an easy way for them to take the next step. Thinking of your plan from your customer’s perspective is not always easy, but it will help you to develop strategies that are more likely to connect and engage.

At the end of day, marketing doesn’t have to be stressful and relegated to the ‘too hard basket’. If you remember the following key things that Belinda shared with us this morning, you will be able to focus your messages, feel comfortable in your delivery and hopefully attract some new customers:

  1. Remember your customers are human, and of course, you are too
  2. Be clear about what you are putting out there
  3. Be consistent with everything you do
  4. Create touch points to help your customers say yes to what you are offering
  5. Use email marketing to start conversations and impart information your customers will value

For more information and insightful marketing tips, visit the Green Chilli Marketing website.

If you are looking to take your online marketing to the next level, check out our Events Page for some engaging workshops focusing on business websites and Facebook pages.


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