Support for mental health and wellbeing in small business

A study into small business and mental health conducted by Everymind has revealed people working in the small business sector may be more likely to be affected by poor mental health than the general population.

In response to research findings, the institute is now developing a new digital hub to promote wellbeing among small business owners, employees, and their families.

Everymind Director, Jaelea Skehan said the survey of small business owners sends a very clear message that there is an immediate need to prioritise the mental health and well-being of small business.

“Research data collected from small business owners and employees broadly supports the use of a digital-based strategy that is fit-for-purpose for small business, and able to respond to the diversity of the sector,” Jaelea said.

“The focus will be on assisting small businesses to identify their specific needs and to easily access evidence-based resources and support services to meet those needs.”

The new digital hub will provide access to small business and mental health programs, services, information, and training. It will also offer screening tools to help identify specific needs of small business owners and their employees and provide tailored options for support. The project, funded by the icare foundation, will be co-designed by small businesses in NSW.

Everymind is now calling small business owners and anyone working in small business in Lake Macquarie to share their thoughts on ways to ensure the new digital hub being developed is meaningful and provides the appropriate suite of information and resources to support small business.

Three consultation sessions will be held at the Business Growth Centre in Gateshead on Wednesday, 28 February. Register here

Everymind is a national institute that develops programs and translational research dedicated to reducing mental ill-health and suicide and improving wellbeing.





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