Learning Support

The Business Growth Centre wants to help you succeed in your studies! We design our support strategies to provide you with the ideal opportunity to complete your education. You can ask for help at any time before or during your study program, and we will take reasonable steps to assist you.

Understanding your learning needs

To help us understand your learning support needs, we may ask you to fill in a questionnaire or application form as part of your enrolment process, and we may also ask you to undertake one or more short reading, writing and/or mathematical tasks. These tasks help us to understand your capability in relation to the course that you want to study. If your skill levels are lower than those that the training and assessment demands, we may adjust the materials to help you, provide additional tutorial support or refer you for specialist assistance.

Learning support tailored to suit your needs

Some examples of support we can provide to you include:

  • providing written materials in a larger font size
  • allowing for a scribe or reader to assist you with written tasks
  • adjustment time frames for assessment
  • using software such as voice-to-text or text-to-voice transcribers
  • using wheelchair user accessible premises
  • holding group tutorial sessions
  • hold one-on-one sessions to assist with particular learning needs or to support you with your assessment activities
  • email and/or telephone support through the trainer/assessor outside regular classroom hours
  • mentoring sessions with our personnel who hold relevant competencies and/or experience in your study area
  • other reasonable options that you put forward that are within our resources and capabilities

When you need specialist assistance

We are a small training provider, so there may be times when you need additional help that we cannot provide for you. When this happens, we will help you to find the right support through another service provider, such as a specialist training organisation or an organisation that supports a personal or health issue you may be experiencing.

How to access learning support

Most students need at least a little help from time to time, so please be confident to approach us for assistance. We guarantee to protect your confidentiality and privacy. You can contact your trainer, our Training Administration Officer, or our Centre Manager for a confidential discussion. You can also email us or phone us on 4942 3133. We are here to help.

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