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Feeling connected, valued and loved by others can give us a sense of security, support, purpose and happiness. Close connections and good relationships allow us to enjoy the good times in our lives and helps us deal with the hard experiences we face, whether we are at home or in the office. But it can sometimes feel like these connections are hard to come by or maintain. When we are all challenged with finding time for ourselves while we juggle the day to day, it can often seem impossible to find time to make strong connections. So what can we do to ensure we reach out, support others and ensure we are supported ourselves?

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet like-minded business women and discover how you can identify and activate passion to improve performance and live a more fulfilled life.

Unlock your passion for greater success with Shivani Gupta

Wednesday 16 May 2018
10.00am – 11.30am

Business Growth Centre
48 Oakdale Rd, Gateshead

Guest Speaker:
Shivani Gupta – Australia’s expert on passion


$10 for Business Growth Centre Members
$20 for Non Business Growth Centre Members

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