Virtual Office Services

Do you get caught up in the day-to-day grind of running your business?

The Business Growth Centre offers Virtual Office Services that can take the pressure off your time, help you to re-focus your energies and streamline your communication.

Our virtual solutions are ideal for freelancers, startups, home-based businesses, and SMEs with their own office space; who are looking for affordable and professional business support services. Your business will benefit from becoming more available and responsive to your customers’ needs. Plus, you may also get a bit of time back to build your business and enjoy some personal time.

The Business Growth Centre Virtual Office Services are available as individual products or as a package.


Virtual Office Services

Phone Answering

$2.00 per call with message sent via e-mail
Phone Answering and Postal Address Package: $50 per month for nominal calls with e-mails sent
Set up Fee: $200

Online Communication

Email correspondence (responding, sending etc): $40 per hour
Online calendar / booking management: $40 per hour


General typing e.g. letters and word processing: $40 per hour
Spreadsheets and Data Bases: $50 per hour
Power Point Presentations: $60 per hour


A4 white paper: $0.30 mono per page or $0.60 colour per page
Bulk copies(50+): $0.20 mono per page or $0.40 colour per page
A3 white paper: $0.50 mono per page or $0.90 colour per page


$2.50 per page


$50 per hour (includes coversheets and spirals at cost)

Minimum fees apply for the above services.

An initial FREE consultation is available to determine what services are required for your business.

For more information or to book a consultation contact the Business Growth Centre on 49423133 or email our staff.

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