Turbo Charged Author Experience

Earlier this year, I posed a question to a friend: “Do you think I could write a book and have it published within 60 days?” Expecting the answer to be no, I got a shock when I was shown a website called Ultimate 48 Hour Author.

Ten minutes later I was on the phone to the founder, and I then booked myself in to their next author retreat which was in just ten days from then.

57 days after the author retreat in Melbourne, I held in my hand the first copy of my book: Turbo Charged- How to take your auto repair business from survival to success. My book is the first business book ever written for self employed mechanics, and it came to life because of the amazing Ultimate 48 hour Author program. 

Natasa Denman, a now 5 time author herself and creator of the Ultimate 48 Hour Author program, has perfected and systemised the process of writing a book and having it published. The mentoring she provides her authors is second to none, and it allows them to easily become recognised as the authority in their industry.

With the Ultimate 48 Hour Author program, there is no mucking about trying to work out the best and cheapest way to get your book published and printed. The program takes care of all of that, as well as the book layout, and editing process. Natasa ensures that through her mentoring you are achieving the best outcome for your book, and that your unique message will go out to the public in the best version possible.

The bonus is the actual author retreat weekend where you write the book. The luxury mansion accommodation was certainly a nice touch!

Have you ever thought of writing a book? Would you like to be an influence in your field and get your ideas into the public? The 48 Hour Author program could be something you should consider.

Natasa Denman will be sharing her journey and insights into how you can become an influence in your field and build your credibility at the next Lake Macquarie Women in Business Network which is on Wednesday 26 August. Why not come along and hear what she has to say. You never know, a best seller could be bubbling inside you; all you need is the guidance to bring it to the surface.

Click here for more information and to reserve your place.

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