Tips to Help Small Businesses Survive the Festive Season

With just 10 days until Christmas Eve, we thought it would be a good idea to share some last minute tips to help small businesses survive the festive season.

It is not too late to make the most of this time of year, so join us in counting down these final days to Christmas with of our top tips.

Last Minute Sales and Services

It would be great to get our Christmas shopping done and dusted well before mid-December, but for many of us, this just doesn’t happen. This is good news for you. As a small business owner, you can utilise this ‘rush period’ to promote your Christmas specials and entice customers to buy. If you’re not a retailer, why not use this time to promote a service that could help your customers get through the Christmas period. We are all looking for something that will help us tie this time of year up in a nice little bow, so think of what you can offer and get promoting.

Spread Some Christmas Spirit

What better way is there to thank your customers, clients and suppliers, then with a nice end of year thank you? Christmas is all about giving, so make sure you give thanks to all those who have supported you throughout the year. If they know they are appreciated, they are more likely to shop or work with you in 2017.

The Season for Social Media

Most people are getting into the Christmas spirit by now so this is a great time to use your social media platforms to engage with customers. We all know that social media is an excellent, low-cost way to communicate with customers on a more emotional level and build a brand personality. So why not use this time of year have a bit of fun, share your personality and bring your customers a bit of Christmas cheer?

Stress Free Summer Holiday

As a small business owner you are used to wearing multiple hats and it can be hard to take them off and just relax. However, spending time with friends and family and having the chance to properly relax and unwind is important both mentally and physically. To take the stress and worry out of taking a well-deserved break, make a plan of what you need to do to enable you to fully enjoy your time off. Prioritise tasks and consider what can be delegated and out-sourced. You and your business will benefit.

Christmas Customer Service

With an increase in the number of customers coming through your door (virtual or real), this is your time to shine on the service front. As more and more of your customers become stressed about their Christmas purchases or what they need to do before Christmas day, it is essential that you remain calm and courteous. If you have people other than yourself answering phones or replying to emails, make sure they are all fully briefed on the importance of offering excellent customer service. If you can continue to serve your customer efficiently and professionally over the Christmas period then it will only reflect positively on your business in the future.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Be prepared for the last minute Christmas rush by having the staff you need on hand. This will not only help you with the previous tip (Christmas Customer Service), but it will take some pressure off you during this busy time.

Out of Office

This one may be obvious to some, but make sure you clearly communicate your Christmas trading hours and close down periods to your customers. If you aren’t going to be answering emails or calls at all over the Christmas period, make sure you have an out of office message on your website, email and voicemail. Let customers know your business is closed and when you are going to be able to respond.

Have a Merry Christmas and Enjoy Your Break

Finally, we just want to wish you a happy and safe Christmas. Running a small business can be hugely rewarding but with long hours it can be all-consuming. So switch off and enjoy some time out.

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