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If your business closes down over the Christmas period, it might be a good idea to start thinking about ways you can switch off and save while you and your team take a much deserved break.

Fraztec Lighting has come up with a simple checklist that can help you reduce your business’ energy wastage. Click here to download the checklist for your business.

Energy saving initiatives can occur all year round. Fraztec Lighting has provided the following suggestions to help your business save even more on energy in the New Year:

  1. One of the first steps towards long term energy saving is encouraging staff to turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Try setting up a ‘switch off’ campaign. Click here to download a great tool kit for free
  2. Set your fridge temperature to 4-5 degrees and your freezer temperature to between -15 and -18 degrees. Also, keep fridges and freezes in a cool, well ventilated area with a five centimetre gap around your fridge for air circulation. Your fridge will operate much better and running costs will be lower.
  3. If appliances are left on standby mode, they continue to use energy, sometimes more than when the appliance is actually on. To save energy, make sure you switch the appliance off at the power point.
  4. Instead of leaving security lighting on all night, consider using movement or infrared sensors. In addition to reducing electricity, it will alert people when there is something or someone around.
  5. A good way to save on energy is to remove one tube in twin fluorescent fittings in areas where there is more than enough light. You can then install a LED tube and save even more.
  6. Consider switching to energy efficient LED light globes. You can save up to and over 80% on your lighting bill.

If you are after any more useful tips or are looking for energy saving products to help reduce the energy costs in your business, call Brad Frazer on 0427 846 505.

1 thought on “Switch off and Save”

  1. Exactly! this is what i’ve been telling my friends and family for a long time. They keep on looking for energy efficient lights (which is important i know) but it is also a good practice to save the energy when you don’t need it. turning the lights, fans and air coolers switched off when stepping out of the room will be minimizing the power bill.
    Nice post!

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