Save Watts Helps Over 40 Business Become More Energy Efficent

A group of 40 Lake Macquarie businesses have joined the local Save Watts program and are starting to gain a better understanding of their electricity use and the possible changes they can make.

Through analysis of their electricity bills at a workshop held for the first group of Save Watts businesses, it was discovered that half of the businesses are being overcharged on their electricity rates.

Maryanne Cantwell, Business Growth Centre’s Energy Efficiency Officer, believes this first step of the program is essential in helping businesses identify simple strategies to help them reduce their spending straight away:

“These 12 businesses are on their way to gaining a greater understanding of their business’ electricity consumption and by analysing their bills, we can help them make simple changes that could reduce their level of spending considerably”, advised Ms Cantwell.

“Understanding the financial impact of their electricity not only gives them the chance to positively affect their bottom line, but in turn, it allows strong business cases for efficiency upgrades to be somewhat funded by electricity savings.”

The Save Watts program will continue to take these businesses through a number of steps that will help them understand their energy usage patterns and identify viable energy saving projects.  The most popular and effective energy saving projects vary for different sectors.

Lake Macquarie businesses who are interested in finding out what opportunities are available for their business are encouraged to contact the Save Watts Hotline on 4032 8277 or email our Energy Efficiency Officer.

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