Not For Profit Sector For Business

If the small business sector is the backbone of the Australian economy, then the Not For Profit sector is the heart, mind and soul.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides a compelling picture of the value the Not for Profit sector contributes to Australian society. Non-profit businesses contributed over $55 billion to the economy, an increase of $22 billion over a 5 year period. The ABS data also reveals non-profit institutions hold around $180 billion worth of assets and employ more than 1 million people Australia wide.

So without a doubt, Not for Profit organisations and Charities play a very important role within the business and wider community. Not only do they provide vital services, they also provide employment and opportunities for people to give back through volunteering, including contributing to their governance by participating on Boards and Committees.

The value of volunteering should never be underestimated. The benefits to the wellbeing of thousands of Australians are well known. The opportunity to stay active, contribute in small and large ways to the lives of others and feel valued, contribute positively to the life of a volunteer.

Knowing that you can and do make a positive difference boosts the self-worth of volunteers as well as those employed in the NFP sector.

So undoubtedly, our community, our region and our country gain so much through the efforts of the diverse range of NFP’s and Charities. Its hard to imagine our lives without them. Lets hope we never have to.

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