Managing the Manager

Explore the Essential Ingredients of Managing the Manager, from Recruitment to Departure

The relationship between a NFP Manager and the Board is critical to the wellbeing of any NFP organisation. So what does it take to build and sustain a strong and constructive working partnership between the Manager and the Board?

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • Successful recruiting strategies and processes
  • Making the right choice
  • Starting off on the right foot
  • Building a positive relationship
  • Establishing expectations for the Manager and the Board
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and boundaries
  • Setting performance measures
  • Managing underperformance
  • Managing challenging situations

Key Benefits:

  • Managing ‘difficult times’
  • Holding ‘difficult’ conversations
  • Knowing when to ‘let go’ and move on
  • Succession planning
  • Dealing with critical incidences and crisis

This workshop will explore both sides of the coin so Presidents, Chairpersons, Board Members and Managers should consider attending.

Wednesday 28 October, 5.30pm – 7.00pm

Business Growth Centre
48 Oakdale Rd, Gateshead NSW

$69 per person or 3 people for only $138

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