Lake Macquarie Business Network

Lake Macquarie Business Netwowrk

Hear from insightful speakers, make meaningful connections and grow your business profile at the Lake Macquarie Business Network.

The Lake Macquarie Business Network was conceived by the Business Growth Centre and involves bi-monthly networking events designed to generate business growth.

The speakers for each event will impart valuable information on a variety of interesting and relevant topics that attendees can use to not only grow their knowledge, but to discover ways to improve and build their business.

At each event attendees will also be given the opportunity to network with fellow business people and build their profile.

Both the insights provided by the speakers and the networking at each event make the Lake Macquarie Business Network a conduit for growth.

Grow your knowledge, grow your customer base, grow your business.

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You can also join the Lake Macquarie Business Network on Facebook. Click here for great insights and updates.

For more information call 4942 3133 or email our staff.

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