Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards

Business Awards19

The Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards celebrates individual business accomplishments in the Lake Macquarie region. The aim of the Awards is to recognise and highlight achievement, ultimately encouraging all businesses to strive for excellence. These Awards are not about popularity; they are about the demonstrated pursuit of excellence across a number of different business functions.

The Business Growth Centre congratulates the 2019 winners and looks forward to supporting the Awards  in 2020.

The Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards are open to all businesses in Lake Macquarie; micro, small and medium sized businesses. The Awards are not about size; they are about excellence.

These Awards present an opportunity to foster growth within the Lake Macquarie business community and promote the 12,000 businesses within the region.

The continued support from media and business partners, sponsors and prize donors ensures that the Awards continue to be the premier business event in Lake Macquarie. If you would like to support the Awards or make an application in your category contact Lake Macquarie City Council.

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