Idea into Successful Business

Turning an idea into a successful business is possible

Thinking about starting a small business? What a good idea – maybe…  There is a saying that goes something like ‘a good idea doesn’t guarantee success.’ This couldn’t be truer for new business ventures.  Your new business idea could be the best you’ve ever had, the best anyone has had, but the idea alone will not make it a successful business. Success lies in the execution of that idea and that is where your focus will need to be to build your business.

When we think about the execution of the new business idea, the best thing we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success and without knowing the ins and outs of business functionalities and operations, chances are the business will struggle to even get off the ground. So where do we find this fountain of knowledge? One of the best things to do is to talk to people who have been there and done it successfully. Find out from them what their challenges were and how they overcame them. The other thing to do is enrol in a New Small Business course and if you do this with the Business Growth Centre your trainer will be one of those people who have turned an idea into a successful business.

So what can enrolling in a training course really do to help you get your business idea off the ground and running? The BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business course delivered at the Business Growth Centre covers all aspects of business operations. All those things that you may not have thought of when it comes to running a business are covered. Everything from risk management, to compliance, marketing to finance, and one of the biggest components of ensuring success – planning. On completion you will have taken your idea and created a business plan that assesses growth potential, business prospects and provides you with the best chance for success.  Whether your idea involves turning a hobby into a business, starting a new business from scratch or expanding an existing small business; for minimal financial investment (most students at the Business Growth Centre are eligible for reduced fees through a Smart & Skilled fee subsidy*) and a bit of time, you can give your idea the best start possible.

With the right knowledge and skills, starting a new business can be a great idea and for all those who do have an idea we have this advice:

  • Don’t give up on your idea. Excuses just give you permission to not succeed. Find a way and you can make it happen.
  • Arm yourself with the right tools and knowledge from the start. Don’t fall into the trap of the unknown.
  • Keep learning. If you stop learning and improving your skills, your business will cease to improve and grow.
  • If you have an idea, start today. It’s never been easier to start your own business and access to the right information and knowledge is readily available.

For advice on how you can turn your idea into a small business success, call the Business Growth Centre on 4942 3133 or email our staff today.

Smart & Skilled training is subsidised by the NSW Government

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