Don’t Wait until January to Boost Your Career

What could your 2017 look like if you started setting goals to boost your career now? More often than not, we use the New Year to assess where we are up to and where we want to be. We set goals and make plans about how we can achieve them. But if we looked at the beginning of November, the same way we looked at the beginning of January, by the time 2017 came around, we would be well on our way to achieving our career goals.

Don’t wait until January to boost your career. If you want to get a jump on your colleagues, here are four tips to help you get started:

Leap Back into Learning

There is no time like the present to learn something new or expand on your current knowledge. Gaining another qualification and building your skills is a great way to boost your career, expand your options and increase your earnings. November is a perfect time of year to research what is available and make a start. If a full qualification isn’t something you can commit to right now, you could consider a short course to brush up on your skills ready for the new year and test the waters for future study.


Make Time to Talk

If you want 2017 to be the year you get a promotion or a special job offer, it is time to get talking and start networking. Nurturing your business relationships, particularly with your boss, is essential for career growth. You want your boss and colleagues to endorse your career plan and recommend you for other roles in the business. But don’t just talk to your immediate team; take opportunities to chat to people in other areas of the business, whether it’s in meetings, in the office kitchen or at after-work drinks. If you’re looking for a completely new role outside your current organisation, head to some industry networking events and swap business cards.


Prepare to be Productive

If you ever get to 5pm and wonder what on earth you did with your day, it is time to stop multitasking and prioritise your workload. Focus on one job at a time and avoid distractions like Facebook and text messages. Close any internet browser tabs you don’t need right now, put your phone on silent and, if you’re not waiting for an urgent message, close down your emails until you’re ready to move onto the next task.  The more committed you are, the more you will achieve.


Understand Your Industry

If you want to advance your career, it is important to have a clear understanding of where your position fits within the organisation and how your work impacts the overall success of the business. You also need to be aware of external factors including industry trends, new developments and anything else that could affect the organisation you work for. To do this you could start by reading up on your industry, research your employer’s competitors and subscribe to some business blogs or trade magazines. A good understanding of your role will make you more valuable to your employer and can increase your self-confidence and sense of worth.


Adding Business Growth Centre to your list of goals is another great way to boost your career. We can help you with your learning and study goals and you could become the manage with whom everyone wants to work with a Cert IV or Diploma in Leadership and Management. Call us on 4942 3133 to discuss your career goals today.

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