Building Rapport to Build Your Business

Whether you sell a product or a service, remember that your clients buy you first. Getting and keeping clients is all about the rapport you build and the trust they have for you, and without trust you have nothing to offer. Nothing other than trying to be the cheapest, and that will send you broke faster than anything else. The level of trust your clients, and for that matter, your staff have for you will either make or break your business.  

Your focus as a business leader is to create profits and that can only be done when you;

  • attract new clients
  • retain the loyalty of existing clients
  • create highly productive teams

You do that by;

  • understand your own personality.
  • know how other people see you and how this differs from person to person
  • recognise your client’s and staff’s personal styles, including how they think and how they prefer to be treated
  • and knowing how to use that information to communicate far more effectively.

When you can do that you will build rapport and trust faster, and grow your business stronger. 

Right now, stop for a moment and reflect back to some of your recent presentations, in particular where you failed to get the business. You prepared your presentation, you knew your products and services well in advance. Did you covered everything; giving them all of the information they needed and answered all their questions? Did you fully find out what they wanted and understand their needs?  Then why did you miss the sale? Having done all of that, did you un-sell the sale and not really connect with them? Did you build trust? How do you know when you have it? It’s a particular skill set and yes, it’s a skill you can’t afford not to learn.

The Business Growth Centre is presenting a four week course that will introduce you to the art of reading people and help you to build rapport and lasting business relationships. Click here for more information and the reserve your place.

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